Sahaja Yoga Meditation was founded by Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi. For more than forty years, she travelled internationally, offering free public lectures and the experience of self-realization to all, regardless of race, religion or circumstance. She not only enabled people to pass this valuable experience on to others, but taught them the meditation technique necessary to sustain it. She dedicated her life to humanity. 

Sahaja Meditation is meant for everyone who desires to find one's true self,  full of peace and joy. It's not just a book or a set of instructions but a living science that opens up gradually as meditation becomes deeper and more fulfilling.


At a Sahaja Meditation session you will learn practical techniques that bring about a feeling of calmness, well being and mental clarity.  Sahaja Meditation is a simple and natural method that actually works, and it's completely free.


What is Sahaja Meditation ?